The most commonly asked questions that personal lawyers hear is “How long do you think it is going to take for my case to be settled?” If a person is willing to take a lower offer with the insurance company, then their case can be settled rather quickly. If a person wants to get the most money for their injuries they should contact a law firm so that their case is handled in a professional manner.
There is major difference between a quick settlement and a professional settlement. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. There is also a time difference, but it may be worth it in the end.

Quick Settlement

Insurance companies are known for rushing people to settle their claims. If a person has a soft tissue claim, then this may not be a bad thing for them. This includes damage to the neck and the back. These injuries are unpredictable and may have a long-term effect. It may take months of physical therapy before a person is feeling better.

If the claim is settled before a doctor stated that the patient is 100 percent cured, then there is a high chance that additional medical attention and treatment is going to be needed in the future. The patient will be responsible for the cost of the additional treatment.

Quick settlements are not recommended for people with traumatic injuries such as broken bones, those that need surgeries, and people that are going to need long-term care. In these cases, a person may be able to get a policy limit. This is the maximum amount that the insurance company is willing to pay out. It may be possible that there is more than one policy. If a family member accepts a quick settlement without consulting a lawyer, there is a chance they are missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Professional Personal Injury Settlement

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will not insurance that the process is quick. It can take a longer amount of time to get money, but it may be worth it in the end.

Once the insurance company knows that a person has legal representation, they will change their interactions. They will take their time hoping that a person will become frustrated. They know that a person is looking for more money if they have a lawyer.
Personal injury lawyers have been working against the insurance companies since 1936. These lawyers know how to get a person the most money for their injuries.

The amount of time to settle a claim will depend on:

When a doctor releases a person from the treatment, they have reached the maximum level for their recovery. Be suspicious of people that state the claim should be settled in a specific number of days. No one can predict how long it will take a person to recover from their injuries and what medical complications may appear in the future. Treatment is very important and should not be rushed. If a person thinks they need to see a specialist they should follow the advice and recommendations from their primary care doctor.

Personal injury lawyer – elaborates that the first thing you need to do is to collect bills from their medical providers as well as their medical records. This will help maximize the amount of the settlement. A lawyer is going to need every medical record for treatment from the accident as well as the bills. Car accident claims are based on evidence that has been provided through medical records. The speed at which it is settled will be determined by how quickly they can provide this information. It does take time to gather these documents, but it can lead to a bigger settlement says Car Accident Money

The insurance company is going to take their time to respond with a demand package. This is one of the final steps of claims resolution. The package will contain bills, medical records, and a letter written by the lawyer outlining their case. This package can contain thousands of pages, so it is not uncommon that it will take several weeks to prepare. If the claim is complex be prepared for wait for a longer period.

When the claim has been settled lawyers will keep on the insurance company until the settlement check has been issued. Insurance companies have been known to stall when releasing funds, so it is important that the lawyer remains in contact with them.

Every personal injury case is going to be different. A person should not judge their settlement time based on how long it has taken others to resolve their case. No law firm can guarantee a specific date for a settlement. These lawyers will work to keep the process moving along and reach as settlement promptly.